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SOLSTICE - Patches

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1. SOLSTICE - Logo Embroidered Strip patch
25 x 4.5 cm Embroidered Patch on leather style material

2. SOLSTICE - "Blood Fire Doom" Woven patch
10 x 11 cm woven patch with the "Blood Fire Doom" Design created by Rich Walker.

3. SOLSTICE - "Angeland" Embroidered patch
A second run of the Silver on black "Angeland" Shield design. Measures 10 x 12 cm. Limited to 100 Pieces only.

4. SOLSTICE - "Insignia" Cloisenne Enamel Badge
28mm diameter die cast cloisonné enamel and metal badges with the correct 80's style brooch pin fittings (Not the cheap rubber or tin clasps). Perfect for your denim, leather, or M34 Ski Cap. Limited to 100 only.