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We ALWAYS refund large postage differences if your shipping works out less than what you paid, but please be aware that packing materials are also factored into the shipping costs - requests for refunds of £1.27 GBP etc will be ignored.

If you want to get Merchandise cheaper, or better combined shipping costs then email the Solstice command bunker at :

The prices are set slightly higher to account for the paypal fee.

We are NOT responsible for lost or damaged items unless you specifically request insured and tracked shipping which costs an additional £6 GBP in addition to all shipping costs.

If you require tracked and insured shipping, select this item ONCE only from any of the product catagories

We reserve the right to NOT ship to countries we deem unsafe where a high amount of fraud is committed, so you can whine away on facebook all you like.

FOR SHIRTS IN NORTH AMERICA, please purchase directly via :

FOR VINYL & CD's IN NORTH AMERICA, please purchase from Dark Descent Records